Dec 20 2017

The ORIGINAL Mondavi Experience aka TME

"So I had this nightmare, i was going to be in town but Mistress Jessie was not going to be available. So i asked the Mistress if she could recommend another friend she would like me to serve, her response was Mistess Jezhabel. I reached out and we started to discuss some of the things i have done with Mistress Jessie and things we were going to be exploring in the future. Along with the details, i also shared some erotica stories i wrote for mistress Jessie. Mistress Jezhabel was very pleased and wanted me to serve her asap. It now turned into a good dream......Now i am very submissive, very oral and consider myself to be very open to trying anything and everything especially if it is a turn on or a fantasy for those I am playing with. Who am i to say no? You never know if you don’t try it. I know Mistress Jezhabel has commented more than once that she has a boy toy that joins her from time to time, however she never really mentioned if he will be there or not. (But i did tell her, i have played with couples before....). We set up a time, i did notify her that my cockcage was in Mistress Jessie’s hands, she told me to to worried, she had all the toys we needed and that “her”cock will be controlled once i was in her presence. I arrived early (of course) and told to come to her door. Upon arrival, i was greeted by one of the most incredible looking women, wearing some very sexy lingerie in a very loose robe, showing just enough to make my jaw drop. As she led me in, i noticed a gentlemen on the couch, he said hello and waved, knowing she had a boy toy around from time to time, it caught me slightly off guard but knowing as we discussed she may invite someone to join us, i was ok with it. Just the 2 of us entered her room, where i was instructed to disrobe, after folding my clothes i was honored for her to open her robe and gaze at her body, WOW, she pushed her body against mine and my cock jumped to attention. She asked me if i was ready to serve her in every way and wanted to taste her. I of course answered with a “yes mistress”, and was pushed to my knees. Face to face with her pussy my nose was pushed in to smell but not allowed to lick. She then summoned her boy toy to the room. As he entered he was instructed to drop his pants and stand next to her. So her i am on my knees, nose in her pussy but i can see out of the corner of my eye i can see a pretty big cock. She asked me if i am ok with her boy toy to be present as she is in the mood to enjoy 2cocks tonight and said it will be a night to remember for me. Who am i to question the mistress? I answer “yes mistress you are in charge as i am here to please you”. Her response was, “your mouth, body, Cock and ass is now all mine to use correct? If not you are welcome to leave, no issues. But this will be the last time i ask, after this i am in charge of both of you”, between everything we spoke about before and what was going on currently, i was so excited and in a ephoric haze, i was already naked on my knees, not going to turn back now, “yes mistress i am all yours”. SHe takes a step back looks down at me and tells me to close my eyes and sticks 2fingers in my mouth, She tells me that she knows i loves to suck a strap on and get fucked up the ass, but she has much bigger plans for me tonight, with one swift move she leads my mouth, opens it with her fingers and sticks his cock in my mouth. It happened so fast i should have know it was coming but still caught me of guard, she grabbed the back of my head and shoved it deep down my throat. My eyes started to water as it was as big if not bigger than the strap ons i had done this before. “ good slave, figured we might as well set the pace right away, you are going to be my cock sucker, pussy licker and ass eater tonight. “. She continued to have her boy toy face fuck me for a few minutes, and he cock continued to get bigger and harder with each pounding of my throat. All the time she as asking him how i was doing and that no matter how good, he was not allowed to cum in my mouth. “Wait cum in my mouth? We didn’t discuss this nor did i think i was going to be sucking him off. I gave up control and had a mouth full of cock so there was not much i could do but hope he followed directions”. This went on for a little bit, till she was in the mood for attention, she layed on the bed had me remove her panties and bra and was told to worship her body from top to bottom while she sucked her boy toys cock. Starting with her breasts, i nibbles licked and caressed these beautiful mounds of sexual energy, she was responding very well, but pushed my head down. Thinking i was going to tasted increasingly pussy i smelled earlier, but was wrong, as i got close, she keep pushing and told me i did not earn it.....”get that tongue in my ass slave”. She propped her self but was not good enough so she flipped over and took his cock back in her mouth as he told me to bury my face and tongue in her ass. So here is Mistess Jezhabel on all fours gobbling a huge cock and looking back at me taking a break every now and then ordering my tongue deeper and deep to clean her ass well. She tells him to take a break and stand by the bed, she rolls over and grabs my head and shoves it deep into her soaking wet pussy. I worship he pussy like my life depended on it, it very might have. I was rewarded and told that i had a very talented tongue. When she was done , i was told to get inthe end of the bed and present my ass to her. Of course i did as i was told, looking in the mirror i can see her grab some lube and put on a strap on, she grabs my hips and tells me it’s time for her to do some fucking. She at first slides it in slowly but quickly picks up the pace, as she is fucking me harder and harder, i guess i was making too much noise and told her boy toy to shut me up. Instead of stuffing mouth with her panties, i got his cock again. So every time she fucks me harder, his cock goes deeper and deeper in my throat. Then she tells me she is enjoying the show, and i should look in the mirror. So i look over, not daring let his cock slip out, and sure enough i can see myself getting spitroasted. My cock is rock hard and she reaching down squeezing it very hard telling me what a good slut i was and that she know i was a good cocksucker. He must have been getting close cause he asked to stop and she allowed him but told him to get the restraints. They then tied me to the bed and she then strapped a face dildo to my face, she began riding that cock on face and slapping my cock if i wasn’t hitting the right spot, it must have hit the right spot since she exploded all over my face. She released me and turned around and told me to get the tongue up her ass, i lost track of boy toy but found out where he was when i felt lube on my ass, and slowly stuck his huge cock up my ass. It was huge and he was not taking it easy as she was egging him on to fuck my ass harder to get my tongue farther up her ass. She then. Told me it was time for her to get fucked by a real cock. She turned me around so that my head was on the edge and mounted my face with her pussy and told to lick, it tasted incredible. Then out of no where there was a set of balls on my face and her boy toy began fuckking her pussy. She squeezed my cock and told me to keep licking her pussy unless she told me otherwise, he was fucking her hard and she was getting ready to explode again but then i heard the words i wasn’t quite ready for, he said “ i am going to cum!” She told him to cum hard in her pussy, she squeeze my dick i think with both hands and told me i better keep licking, He exploded all over her ass and she exploded all over my face both of their cum dripping all over my face....he got up and was told to go to the other room. She just layed on me telling me to keep licking, i then felt her mouth on my cock taking it deep and her squeezing my ball ordering me to cum, which i did all over. She then leaned over and smeared it all over my face telling me what a good slave i was and that this was just the beginning. “Now go take a shower and clean yourself up !” “Yes mistress, thank you mistress”. "