Jan 15 2018

An admirers "DREAM" of The Mondavi Experience with me and my boy-toy

"Many months back, after reading about her newfound fascination with toys and pegging sessions, I dozed off and had myself a wonderful dream about Jezhabel. In that dream we spent an intense evening playing with her many toys, exploring her collection, and discovering why she is a legend. During the course of that dream, the topic of Jez's available playmates came up, with talks about transexuals and even other men. While I have seen quite a few transexuals over the years, and we discussed that option, it was the possibility of a real MMF seduction that captivated me. For years i have had the occasional fantasy about being seduced and coerced by a woman into an encounter with another man as well, but it never moved past talk. But with Jez, she was so sensual, sexy, easy going, but seductive that I began to think it really might work. After reading about the Mondavi Experience, I began thinking more and more about turning the fantasy into a dream! After some discussion, we settled on a time, hashed out a few details, and off to sleep I went. In my second dream, I let Jez know that while reading about her strong domme side with Mondavi was interesting, I liked my dreams to be more sensual, seductive, and less domineering. As I suspected, she was more than accommodating, so the dream began with some lovely caressing, kissing, fingernail teasing all over my body, and a lovely shot to loosen up my nervousness. After that, moving to the bed, there was more caressing, stroking, and some french lessons to set the mood, and once I was truly ready to go, I was a little surprised by a nice set of very comfortable handcuffs. More attention to me, making sure I was aroused and in no mood to say no, with plenty of sexy talk to make sure things were good, and Jez went to fetch her dream assistant. Even after all this, I was nervous, and when he walked in behind her, it was almost like I got to exhale after holding my breath for minutes - it was the first time I've been naked and aroused around another man, and the experience was made more exciting by the newness of it all. Since I knew where the dream was headed eventually, my eyes went right to his cock. Holy cow! I didn't realize I had that kind of imagination. Bigger than I expected or hoped for, but wow what a turn on! I think Jez saw my eyes get wide and played with him a bit to get him aroused, then asked if I was excited to suck him. Before she had him come to me, she got up on the bed on all fours, told him to mount her, and took me into her mouth. It was more sexy than I could have imagined, watching her get pounded by such a huge cock while she sucked on me. after a bit, when she sensed we were both ready, she had him stop and told him to get up on the bed so he could feed me his cock. I've sucked some large transexuals, but his girth and length were way more than I was ready for, and he gagged me out more than once. Jez occasionally came up to join me, working the shaft while I worked the head, or the cock while I worked the balls. Eventually, Jez grabbed some toys and began getting me ready for the main event, which turned me on more. After plenty of toy play and sucking, she told our playmate that she thought I would easily be able to fit his cock in my ass, said it was her turn to have fun, had him loosen the restraints on one side while she did the other, then told me that I should get on all fours. Having been very vocal about her fantasy about getting eaten by a guy who was getting pounded, I thought I was ready for this moment and jumped to get into position on the bed. Once I was up on my knees, after a little kissing and working my way down to her clit, her boy toy climbed behind me, lubed himself up, and got into position. I was definitely not ready for his size, and it took quite a bit of work to get him inside. Even when he was in, it was definitely slow going to start with plenty of moaning and groaning, so Jez started getting acrobatic to play with me and suck me while he was gently stretching me out, until I was ready and able to push back against him. She stayed below me, teasing and sucking, to help get things loosened up even more until he was able to really get into a rhythm. Even then, Jez happily pointed out that she was keeping him from bottoming out because I was struggling to take him all the way deep. She let him pound me for quite a while, until it was clear that everyone was definitely well into the spirit of things, then she make him stop, and asked me, almost as a challenge, "do you want to ride my boy's cock?" By this point, I was so turned on by everything that I smiled and nodded, and he laid down on his back at full attention. Jez had me lube him up again, and I was freshly turned on by the feeling of his cock in my hand. From there I climbed on top while Jez played gently with me, and I grabbed his member and guided it in. The angle was much better, and I was able to slowly lower myself until I was actually sitting on top of him, much deeper than he'd been able to go in doggie. Once down, Jez oohed and ahhed at how sexy it looked, and made a point of praising me for fitting him all the way in (what a turn on that was!). I leaned back to get a better prostate angle and to give Jez plenty of room to suck and tease my cock as I bounced. After a leg weakening session of bobbing and grinding in cowboy, I eased all the way down and Jez told him to arch and give me even more, which I didn't realize was possible, and felt like he had made it halfway to my throat! After a few thrusts, I tapped out, and Jez asked if I would spin around 180 and ride him reverse so she could watch his cock going in and out of my ass. This was, by far, my favorite position of the night, grinding like a stripper on his pole, looking over to watch us all in the mirror, while Jez sucked and played with me, leaning back and forth to find the angles that both he and I seemed to like the best. Hearing him say "that feels soooo good" from behind me while I thrust my hips and clenched to try to enhance the sensation for both of us is one of those dream memories I will keep forever. I don't recall how long we rode like that, but by the time Jez told me she was so turned on she wanted to ride me, my legs were jelly and I was completely spent. When he agreed that he wanted to watch her ride me, I lay back, and she climbed on top, but after all the prostate pounding, I was unable to rise to the occasion, so instead she knelt over me and had him fuck her more from behind. After having it in me for most of the night and knowing how amazing the feeling was, hearing Jez rave about how good his cock felt inside her was extra hot. As he worked her doggie, she lowered herself closer to me and said she wanted to be sure I could feel his balls slapping me as he fucked her which was an unbelievable, intense sensation, and like that, she came hard as he kept thrusting. After she finished, she told him to let me taste her juices on him, so he brought his cock back up for me to suck while she went back to work trying to get me back to full attention. As I sucked him and she played with me, I had an incredible orgasm, and then she had him mount her again and I watched happily as he plunged into her over and over until he was ready to come. Once he was ready, she lay down next to me and he unloaded on both of our faces, then Jez went and found a nice wash cloth to clean me up with. We chatted a bit, laughed about how weak my legs felt, and zoned out. After a bit, he left to shower, and I got up to do the same. Jez helped me out, and even offered me a bite of dinner before I woke up. I eventually awoke to find myself back in my bed, but unable to sleep as I replayed the details of the dream over and over in my head. I don't think I could ever had scratched this itch without dreaming of Jez - I don't know that anyone but her could have put me at ease enough to relax into this kind of a dream state; her sexy talk, encouragement, and genuine enthusiasm during the entire dream were a huge part of why it was so enjoyable, and she has the perfect playmate to dream with if you've ever fantasized about this kind of thing. Both she and her boy toy seemed like they were both having as much, if not more fun than I was, which made it all that much better. "