Sep 24 2016

A post I made about a dirty fantasy

Recently I made a post on a local board I'm a member of about a "Dirty little fantasy" I have and got an overwhelming response from so many different delicious men wanting to help me indulge in my inner desires. I was pleasantly surprised at the positive feedback I was receiving. To be honest I figured a few men shared my fantasy but to my surprise, there were so many that wanted to do it even if just to please ME. This made it so much more of a turn on for me and figured I would share it on my blog and see what my boy-toys think....I would love to watch a man get fucked from behind (by a girl with a strap-on, a Tranny, or another hot guy with a nice cock) while he is sucking and slobbering all over my pussy letting me cum in his mouth. I even get nasty thoughts of wanting to see a man take a hot creamy load of cum in his mouth while I masturbate. We all have our secret inner desires that we don't want to admit LOL