Nov 02 2016

2 guys ! Double the pleasure.

I forgot a few weeks ago my BOSTON boy-toy said he would be in town and wanted swing by about 8pm, it slipped my mind since I hadn't heard from him. I made plans for 7pm with my sexy FIREMAN boy-toy but he was running late and arrived at 745. When I went to switch my phone to silent I noticed a text that said "I'm a few minutes early, can I come over now?" Now remembering my previously made plans I excused myself to the restroom to quick give him a call explaining the situation. He was really bummed but understood and we planned on the next day at the same time. Apparently my sexy FIREMAN overheard the conversation and said "I have no problem sharing, if he wants to join" I giggled and told him that my BOSTON guy wasn't into playing with other boys, to which he responded "Neither am I, but I would love to watch you with someone else". Me being the naughty girl I am decided to call my BOSTON boy-toy back and ask if he was interested. To my surprise he happily accepted and said he always wanted to dabble but was always too shy to ask someone. Within minutes he had arrived and I introduced them as we all got comfy (naked). An awkward moment until i got on my knees and took turns sucking both of them and stroking their cocks. Immediately we were all excited and the awkwardness disappeared! My FIREMAN picked me up and bent me over the bed shoving his HUGE cock inside of me while BOSTON shoved his cock in my mouth. The FIREMAN was pounding me harder and harder gripping my hips pushing deeper inside of me every time until he EXPLODED harder than I ever experienced with him before (This really turned me on more) I was dripping wet with juices flowing down my legs!!!!!! It was BOSTON's turn so he flipped me over and threw my legs up over his shoulders on the edge of the bed and slowly slid inside of me. I was so wet and throbbing all over his cock while he kissed me so passionately and slowly pushed deep inside of me grinding slow but deep. I couldn't control myself any longer and I came all over his cock shaking and twitching screaming and moaning with pleasure. Thats when he pulled out and exploded all over my face, dripping in my mouth and all over my breasts while the FIREMAN started licking and sucking my pussy, I was STILL cumming and he was loving every minute of it, watching me squirm with excitement now fingering me til I couldn't take it anymore and had to tap out. He licked my sticky cum from his fingers and we all laid back to enjoy the tingle. Ended with a few drinks and some chit chat thinking this is THE BEST DAY EVER !!!!!! What do you think of this FANTASY lol