During Christmas I usually allow guys to pay with certain gifts cards, this way they get to be more discreet with spending money.   Gift Cards I am accepting  until Christmas ... Bring in person or send via email   $200 GC gets you $300 appointment credit   Home Depot  Macys  PayPal Costco Walmart  Publix Amazon Gas cards [more...]
"Many months back, after reading about her newfound fascination with toys and pegging sessions, I dozed off and had myself a wonderful dream about Jezhabel. In that dream we spent an intense evening playing with her many toys, exploring her collection, and discovering why she is a legend. During the [more...]
Here is a "DREAM" an admirer had of me and my boy-toy that I wanted to share with the rest of my admirers................................................................................ "I have experienced being with two women in my life. However, perhaps with the influence of all the videos you can see on-line, I have always been [more...]
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If you like my 2 guys blog posting and find yourself turned on by you and another guy with 1 girl I have just the experience for you. just ask for the MFM experience. here was my original posting............................I forgot a few weeks ago my BOSTON boy-toy said he would [more...]
"So I had this nightmare, i was going to be in town but Mistress Jessie was not going to be available. So i asked the Mistress if she could recommend another friend she would like me to serve, her response was Mistess Jezhabel. I reached out and we started to [more...]
I haven't been around the past month or so, been busy with family and all these holidays. I hope everyone had a great Christmas, awesome Hanukah, and even better New Year! Please visit my ad for availability starting Monday xoxo Jez [more...]
Flying into NY this morning and have a family event in CT on Sunday. See you when I get back xoxox [more...]
I forgot a few weeks ago my BOSTON boy-toy said he would be in town and wanted swing by about 8pm, it slipped my mind since I hadn't heard from him. I made plans for 7pm with my sexy FIREMAN boy-toy but he was running late and arrived at 745. When [more...]
I will be staying in the Tysons Corner area Oct 4-7. Pease fill out the booking form to reserve time with me. I would love a dinner date or 2 while I'm in town, maybe even an overnighter. [more...]
Recently I made a post on a local board I'm a member of about a "Dirty little fantasy" I have and got an overwhelming response from so many different delicious men wanting to help me indulge in my inner desires. I was pleasantly surprised at the positive feedback I was receiving. [more...]
I had an awesome time with friends at Lips in Oakland Park for dinner and a great show. Love that place !!! I want to thank all of my boy-toys that sent me something from my amazon wishlist. I appreciate all the love ! For the awesome gestures I will [more...]
7 days until my BIRTHDAY ! I have already received so many nice gifts from my loves and I hope you all know how special you make a girl feel. Toys, lingerie, gift cards, even just a Hallmark card,no gesture is too small. Thanks Loves ! [more...]
Sep 09 2016


Just had a short trip to Hartford and LOVED it. Usually I'm in CT to visit family and never really have any "play time" available, so this time I made sure to fly in a few days early and meet with some friends for ADULT FUN! I will definitely be returning [more...]
Just made my own infused vodkas and waters So many flavor combinations but the pineapple and jalapeno infused vodka is my favorite ! [more...]
  What better way to have an authentic GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE than me cooking you dinner and spending the whole night together?   My place or yours?   Sit on the couch sipping a beer or whatever you like best, and relax after a long day at work while I'm busy in the kitchen cooking up [more...]
Just a little advance notice I will be in Jax this month, check my CITY TOURS page for dates. [more...]
I just got back from my trip and I had an awesome time. Snorkeling, paddle boarding, kayaking, drinking, eating, more drinking, shopping, and more shopping while drinking and eating LOL Brought back some WHITE HENNESSEY because I love it and you can't get it in the U.S which sucks. I [more...]